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Box Office: 'Transformers 4' Hits $100 Million for

Michael Bay's 3D tentpole becomes the first film of 2014 so far to conquer the $100 million threshold in North America; overseas, it opens to $90 million in China, the biggest debut of all time. - See more at:

NAB: 'Captain America 2'

Skywalker Sound's Shannon J. Mills and Daniel Laurie, joined by Marvel's senior vp post Bruce Markoe, also talked about Dolby Atmos and tight schedules.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Mackie in Air - H 2014

Film Frame/Marvel

LAS VEGAS -- One of the more difficult sounds to create in Marvel and Disney's Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the Winter Soldier's arm, said the film's supervising sound editor and designer, Skywalker Sound's Shannon J. Mills, during a panel at the NAB Show.

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A new short, titled "Move," 8k cube camera

Japanese public broadcaster NHK offered a series of notable demonstrations at last week's NAB Show of its developing "Super Hi Vision" format and broadcast system, which supports 8K resolution—16 times more resolution that HD—as well as a high frame rate of 120 frames per second and 22.2 channels of audio. Many who have seen these images have been dazzled by the uniquely realistic look

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