Andrew Rodger

Category Cameramen
Country United Kingdom

Andrew Rodger is a London (UK) based Cinematographer.

Having progressed through the ranks of a television cameraman before becoming a full time DoP Andrew is able to operate his own camera and focus when appropriate.

Favoring wide frames shot through long lenses and graphical framings his work is informed by his background as a fine artist. Andrew began as a painter working with oil before moving on to pure photography and later moving image.

Describing himself as 'format agnostic', Andrew works with many digital and film based formats believing that each project demands it's own unique set of tools.

He is often described as having an 'old school', classical approach to filmmaking but with a style which embraces the newest technologies.

Despite his appreciation of celluloid Andrew has long been an advocate of digital cinematography and as a result has featured in press both in the UK and America.
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