Ahsif Khan

Category Directors
Country Bangladesh
Ahsif Khan is a young and dynamic independent film-maker who recently awarded for his short "The Poster" started his career at the age of 16 with the critically acclaimed film- ‘A Critical Moment’ (2010) showcased at the 3rd International Fim Festival, Dhaka. His Documentary, ‘Song of Padma’ (2013) was appreciated at Water Docs Film Festival, Toronto. Along with being an accomplished photographer, having won first prize at YouthVibe 2013 (India) for Ad Making and Architectural Photography. He was Jury member at IKISFF 2016, India. At the age of 23, Ahsif wears many hats- as a director, writer, actor, and above all, a keen observer of the myriad intricacies of what life has to offer!
He is a student of Design at LPU,India.